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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Out of the mouths of babes

I just found this post while cleaning out my archives, it's just a few quotes from the kiddos throughout the years, but I felt it needed to go into rotation so here it is! lol

Below you will find funny quotes that have come out of our children's mouths! lol
  • "I hit it with my thumb toe!" said Spunky when she hit her big toe on the door.
  • Princess used to say "Wanna piece of meat?" when she meant to say "Wanna piece of me?"
  • I said "Spunky, are you licking your muddy knee?" she says "Well I don't wanna eat my boogers!"
  • Today, while dancing with her balloon, Spunky (who is six mind you) said "You are my husband and you are just my type!"
  • I asked the boy, who is twelve, to help me with dinner by opening a can of beans (the pop top kind) to which he replied "I don't want to, I might break a nail!" LOL!
  • Jeremy was vacuuming, T-man jumps up and looks around the corner all crazy, so I ask "Are you afraid of the vacuum cleaner?" He says "Yes" I ask "Why baby?" and he says "My mom never vacuums unless we are having company!" LMAO!
  • I was telling Bigfoot about how I was cheating to find out the end of a movie the other night by googling it and he tells me "So how'd that work out for ya?" lol smart ass!