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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Alone time

I need it.

No, I crave it.

I just never seem to get any of it!! No one in my house understands this and it is driving me insane! The hubby usually goes to his BFF's house three times a week. This week he missed Sunday. That means no alone time for me since.. well last Wednesday.

I fluctuate between simultaneously loving and hating these outings not that I need help with the kids but, because you gotta admit as a women we can be clingy. On those clingy days I don't want him to go, but on a normal day it's "See ya later don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!" lol

TMI so if easily offended stop reading here! Tonight we are gonna get it on, so naturally I ask him "Hey babe, you should go take a shower." To which he responds "I already have." Ugh, there goes another 30 minutes I could call my own! lol

Talk to me cause I need to know I am not alone! lol

Do you need or get any time "alone"? Can you live without it? How often are you able to get it? 


  1. I am constantly searching for alone time. My husband doesn't really understand why there are times I want to leave as soon as he gets home. It's not him... It's me. ;)

  2. ALONE time OMG cherish it WANT it. Funny to bc b4 kids and almost 7 years of marriage i CRAVED attention.

    Alone time no not much at all BUT when I get it oh my heaven.

    I have been home due to surgery and this week has been amazing.

  3. I'm a social butterfly, but BOY OH BOY do I NEED to be able to get alone and read, vegg out, do my own thing! I think it's getting more so the older I get. Maybe I am getting more selfish as I age, but ... just let me be alone for two hours a day and it's good.

  4. Thanks so much for the comments! It's funny how the older the get the more you crave that alone time. lol :)