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Monday, May 4, 2009

The worm fiasco!

Yesterday was Cameron's birthday and after all the festivities the little kids decided it was time to dig in the "pit" out in the backyard. We all had a lot of fun messing around in the dirt and playing with earthworms!

The kiddos digging in the dirt.

Spunky loves being outside and digging in the dirt, this is where you can find her most of the time!

Jeremy helping the kids dig the big rock out of the "pit" as the girls supervise!

"Keep digging daddy!"

"Whoa check out the rock daddy dug up!!"

"Oh look we found an earthworm!"

"That's a cool earthworm!!"

"You know if you cut an earthworm in half it grows into TWO earthworms!!"

"Awwwww it's cute, mom!"

Ok now here comes the funny part! Jeremy tells the kids "Ok go get my coffee and watch this!" As the kids watch with a mixture of horror and fascination..................

He puts the worm in his mouth!

"EWWWWWWWWWW he did not!!"

"Oh oh he put it in his mouth!!"

The worm accidentally dropped out of Jeremy's mouth and T-Man went straight for it, while Princess stood in the corner in horror! LOL!

So there ya have it a little bit of fun from the weekend with my goofy family! :)


  1. I like that pic where they are all looking down into that hole. And princess' face when that worm is on dad's tongue, priceless!

  2. Thanks Carin, I got a huge kick out of her funny faces! lol

  3. Now there's some good old fashion family fun :) I really do like worms.. to look at & hold, not eat! Silly Daddy, I bet that was so funny for them. You can see my post about worms here - http://andrea-learn-something-new.blogspot.com/2009/02/say-hello-to-our-little-friends.html

  4. OMG your husband is such a kid! (saying that in the nicest of ways of course)

    Funny post, thanks for linking up with Blog Bash!

  5. Hi I just discovered your blog and I am loving this post. Your husband is definitely a funny guys i bet he is surrounded with kids all the time.

    By the way I can imagine T-man going straight to the worm. i am sure girls were shocked. Lovely post...

  6. EWwwwww!!! Why are boys so gross? Even as men? :) We just dug out a new section of garden and our kids carefully rescued every worm that was exposed. :)

  7. Digging in the dirt is just the best! I used to love it as a kid and still do. When we go fishing at the lake my husband and daughter actually fish - my son and I usually dig in the dirt ;)

  8. i have a deep-seated fear of worms and snakes, so the fact that you held it and your husband put it in your mouth completely blows my mind. you guys might be my heroes! :)