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Friday, May 15, 2009

Animals make life wonderful!~psf~

Growing up we always had animals of different types cats, dogs and fish. As we got older and we moved into bigger houses we acquired more cats along with the other animals. I will always remember each of those animals fondly so I have tried to keep animals around me for most of my adult life as well.

These first two cute cats are Joshua (black and white) and Maxwell (black). My boyfriend at the time Bryan and I got Maxwell from a little girl trying to find her kittens homes in front of Walmart. At the time I thought he was a she and so her name was Midnight, well once we found out she was a boy we changed it to Maxwell or Max for short.

Joshua was one of the kittens in a liter of babies one of my parents cats had and for the life of me I cannot remember which one, we got him soon after we got Max. They grew up together as inside cats and were the best of buddies. When I moved to my parents RV park the little cabin I stayed in alone was so small I decided to let the cats go outside.

I moved into a bigger place in the RV park and I adopted Kiko. She was one of my parents puppies that had found a home, but the person was not able to keep her so she came my way. She was 3/4 husky and 1/4 wolf and was a beautiful dog, but freaking crazy! She was also my first attempt at owning a dog.

I think I had her three months before she tried to eat one of the cats so I had to get rid of her because man that's not cool and I had the cats much longer so they were the priority!! Shortly after I gave Kiko away Max disappeared, it was around that first Halloween after I moved, I was heartbroken.

Then we have Zena she was my baby, I loved her so much. Her and Joshua got along really well and would often lay together, it was to cute. I got her while I was pregnant with Cameron, she was the funniest dog. She was half Blue Heeler and half Dalmatian and boy let me tell you she had issues! lol She was one of those dogs that could not be alone and if I left her alone which I had to do sometimes she would howl the entire time driving my neighbors crazy! I also had to put her in a crate so that she would not eat everything while I was gone.

She was a car chaser as well and usually at my parents she was on a dog run, but she would frequently get stuck somewhere and howl so we would let her off. The RV park was right off of a major road and when Cameron's dad and I went out of town to look at houses where we were moving she was hit by a car and killed. I was devastated and it was more horrible because when we called to let my parents know we had found a house with an awesome yard for her we found out she had been hit.

This adorable kitty is Tigger, she was a stray that's mother was killed on the same highway as Zena and she needed a loving home. She was only three weeks old when we got her, I had to hand feed her with a syringe until she got bigger and she thrived wonderfully.

We still had Joshua and they both got along really well so it was awesome. I had both of them before I gave birth to Cameron and after he was born they were his guard kitties. When I would take a shower, I would leave him playing on a blanket in the hallway so that I could look out and check on him.

Every time I would look out they were on either corner of the blanket like they were guarding him I always thought it was too cute. If he would cry for too long one of them would meow and meow to let me know. When we moved again we were not able to take either of them with us so I gave them to my parents and they both lived out wonderful lives on the RV park!

OMGosh this is Sherbert, he was the first and last kitty we had while any of the kiddos were little. He was Cameron's kitten and he was the most vicious little turn knocker I have ever had the misfortune to know. We got him shortly after I gave birth to Princess and he loved to terrorize her by bouncing on her chest after running across the room.

He also had a wonderful habit of scratching the ever loving snot out of Cameron's arms, face and anything he could. Now I know you are probably saying well Cameron was only 3.5 years old so he probably terrorized the cat, but most of the time it was honestly not that way. We only had him for about two months before none of us could stand it and we took him to a friend.

Now that the kids are older we have a snake named Mabel, two cats Mouse and Max (who we thought was a boy, but turned out she was a girl lol) and two golfish Angel and Tom!

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  1. I am totally not a cat person, but even I can't help but think those kitties look pretty sweet and snuggly!

  2. The black cat looks like my cat 'Rainy from college - attitude & all - LOL!

  3. I love animals and if our farm was equipped I'd have cows, pigs, goats and chickens along with our cat and dog.

  4. I have two cats and a dog ... I can't imagine life without them.

    Happy blogoversary!

  5. A wolf hybrid as your first dog? ROFL! Gosh, that was not the easiest choice for you! I'm glad she didn't eat your cat.

    I keep greyhounds. They're easy dogs. Herding dogs, dalmatians, husky types - all much too energetic for me!

  6. Love those blue eyes on Zen. Great name, too!

  7. I love cats but too many people at our house have allergies so we have dogs instead.