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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Doing the happy dance!

Princess got her casts off today and she is beyond thrilled, click here to read the back story if you are interested! She says the best part about getting her them off is going to be being able to take shower by herself without my help. I have to say that I am pretty excited about that as well! lol

This part always makes her a little nervous, she really hates to be out of control and the noise really freaked her out!

It helped to let her listen to some music while everything was being done and I am SO glad I thought to bring Cameron's Ipod for her to use. It helped her drown out the noise of the saw and help calm her nerves. Gotta love Hannah Montana! ;)

It was a bit of an adjustment when they first took her casts off and we thought she might faint, poor little thing she even got a cold rag to go on her head,

but she was very brave and it soon passed. She is all healed up and back to herself, but she did not like the way her arms felt so they wrapped them in ace bandages to make her feel better!

and now we have our "normal" Princess back!
(can't wait to get her out of those wraps)
This whole experience definitely brought back some old memories from the first time she broke her wrists and I truly hope it does not happen again! Her left wrist is a bit bumpy/lumpy I guess would be the best way to describe it and the doctor thinks it may have slipped while healing, but we will come back to have another x-ray in five weeks to double check that one. The left wrist is also the one that required surgery the last time she broke her wrists so it was already a bit "off". The doctor said not to worry the more she grows the more it will straighten out so here's to hoping!