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Friday, May 22, 2009

The Friday 5

The topic for today's Friday 5 is Lessons:

1. What kind of out-of-school lessons did you take as a kid?
I took Piano lessons and I had a tutor for math.

2. What valuable lesson did you learn this past week?
That I need to be much more patient and tolerant of others. I will be working a lot harder on that from this point forward.

3. Who in your life really needs to be taught a lesson?
I have just the person in mind, but I am not naming names! lol

4. What kinds of lessons would you love to have a private teacher for right now?
I would love a personal trainer, but that is not really a teacher is it? lol I would love a private teacher to learn Spanish.

5. What steps have you taken to lessen the impact of these rough economic times?
We have cut out pretty much anything that is not really a need. We plan fun activities to do here at home more often and just generally try to watch our spending.

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