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Sunday, May 17, 2009

A life changing haircut!

Princess has always had long hair and has always been quick to let us know that we are not cutting it short. While she had her casts she decided that she wanted to cut her hair short. I thought it was odd and that it must be because she was so hot while she had the casts, but she told me it was not.

Now that she has her casts off she is still wanting to cut her hair short, I think she is tired of messing with it. I am torn about the whole thing, but I will not stand in her way it is not my hair. It's hers and I do not want to be one of those mothers. This will be a huge difference for her and I hope that she is happy with her decision.
Before the hair cutting began!
Measuring her hair to see how much we can donate to Locks of Love! She was able to donate two 10 inches locks!
There is no turning back now!
WOOHOO I did it!
Auntie Emily cutting Princesses hair!
Finally the after, it's really fricken cute and she loves it!!


  1. Hey Leanne!! I just noticed your comment on mine! Thanks! I'm just trying to figure this stuff out! :)

    Suggestions welcome!!


  2. Love that length on her! Very cute!