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Friday, May 22, 2009

That's the last time I use my head to open the door! ~psf~

This is a picture of Spunky's first black eye that she received while playing with Princess on the couch. You see we live in Texas and so our winters are very mild, but some years we have flurries that coat the ground with a nice bit of frost. This particular year we happened to get some of that frost and the kids were out of school for two days after a normal weekend.

They were going crazy after being inside for most of four days and so to burn some energy the girls were jumping on the couch. Normally this would not be something I would allow, but they HAD to do something! lol Not 10 minutes after they started playing Spunky's face connected with Princesses head and all kinds of chaos broke out! I felt awful for her, but she thought it was pretty cool! lol
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  1. Ouch! But of course a black eye is pretty cool!

  2. Oh no - but I love the nose crinkle!!

  3. What a cute expression, and glad she thought the shiner was cool!