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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tell Me Thursday

My photos for this week's Wordless Wednesday are of the awesome and thoughtful gifts I received for Mother's Day. I am so grateful for such an awesome family and the fact that they wanted to spend so much time just to make me happy! I love them all very very much! :)

This teacup is a gift that I received from Spunky and it just melted my heart. It has a tea bag in the little pocket and the poem says:

"Here's a gift for Mother's Day
I'll try my best in every way
But when you get upset with me,
and have a cup of tea!"

Then we have Cameron's gift to me which I was incredibly thoughtful and creative! He made me coupons and I love the thought he put into it. Those are the best kind of gifts right from the heart. :)
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