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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Life, it's never a dull day!

As I sit here grilling Zucchini for a snack I am thinking about tomorrow and Cameron's big birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. He did not want to do the actual "party" thing that they have there since he thinks he is to old, but we will be taking Sugar cookies covered in chocolate icing with sprinkles! They will of course be playing games, eating pizza, having cookies and using their tokens all the fun things about that gawd awful place! lol ;)

It is going to be a hoot! I hate Chuck E Cheese, but I am determined that it will be a good experience dammit! Thank goodness Princess is cast free, at least I was thinking so before tonight, now I a bit worried about her messing around in the crawling thingy. What are you gonna do though, I could drive myself crazy with all the what if's!

We are going to have five kiddos for most of today and Sunday so wish us luck! lol I am just not used to so many kids at one time. We always have a good time, but I am so tired when it is all over. I am so glad I had my tubes tied after three.........at least most days when the baby fever has not hit! ;)