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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Wrapped Emotions

The Prompt:
"During this holiday season this is what I wish for you. Whether you observe Christmas, Hanukkah, another religious holiday or simply the beauty and goodwill of the season, slow down and be fully in every moment. Perhaps in doing so, the vow will carry over into the New Year; perhaps you'll learn to do less and feel more. Let's try. For the remaining weeks of December this is your prompt. More specifically, do not plan any special project for Wrapped Emotions. No one needs one more project this time of year. Simply experience and enjoy your life this season and post to your blog as you will. Each week choose your favorite post or photo and link the URL here at Wrapped Emotions. I'll put up a new Mr. Linky each week (Week One, Two, Three and Four). We'll then visit one another and spread the love."

My favorite moment this week:
Yesterday we received our new baby from a friend of the family and he is the most wonderful thing! He is a tortoise shell kitten, 8months old and he has the most beautiful markings! This has been one of my most enjoyable moments this week, adopting him and taking these pictures of him!

**Oh and I forgot to put his name it is Marble Max the Wicked! lol Max for short! :)**
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  1. Oh, my goodness. He is amazingly handsome. Wish I could reach through the blogosphere to pet that spectacular coat!

  2. So Cute!! We adopted our kitty almost two years ago and he instantly warmed our hearts!

  3. He is adorable!! What a beautiful color too. What's his name?

  4. Thanks for the compliments I really love him so much! :) Oh and his name is Marble Max the Wicked, Max for short! lol

  5. How cute!

    When my youngest was 2 (I have 3, as well), we got a puppy. That was the only way I was willing to have another baby in the house!

  6. What a beautiful cat! Love the different colors in the coat and the green eyes! Cats are my favorite animal, they never cease to amaze me with their cute gestures and playful personalities! They are also probably one of the easiest pets to own considering they practically take care of themselves!

  7. What a great looking cat! I love cats, and we finally decided to get one this week. My one condition was that it had to be interesting looking-yours definitely is a cool looking cat.

  8. He is precious! So cuddly and cute.