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Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Hungry Alligator!

*The above pictures are our finished project not taken from a website*

My youngest daughter and I did this craft tonight to give to her teacher as a Christmas gift! It was really easy and cheap to make and only took about 30mins from start to finish. I recommend you use Hot glue instead of Tacky glue and be careful to not melt the green scrubby. I used the Tacky glue first, but the teeth kept falling out. lol

Two new green kitchen scrub pads
Red felt
White felt
Tacky glue (I think hot glue should be used if you have it)
Googly eyes
Green pom-poms
Black pom-pom
Green rickrack

1. Start by trimming two new green kitchen scrub pads into elongated pocket shapes. Then cut two similar shapes from red felt. From white felt, cut triangular teeth and use tacky glue to stick several to the rounded edge of each scrub pad. Glue a red felt piece atop each scrub pad, covering the bases of the felt teeth.

2. Next, stack the scrub pads with the red felt pieces face-to-face. Glue all along the straight edges but leave the rounded, toothy edges unglued to create the alligator's open mouth.

3. To make the gator's face, glue googly eyes onto green pom-poms, then glue the pom-poms to the top of the head. Finally, affix green rickrack ridges and black pom-pom nostrils atop his snout, and your reptile is ready for the first course of writing utensils.

I got the idea from the Familyfun website!!


  1. I love it!!! My 11 yr old would love making this craft. So would her brother!

  2. What a cute idea for a teach gift! Thanks for sharing, I'll have to keep those one in mind for a 4-H project.