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Monday, December 17, 2007

A Decorative Holiday Doorstop!

I know the doorstop is hard to make out in this picture, it was to show how it looks in relation to the door!

A few days ago I posted the Hungry Alligator done by my youngest and I:

Here is the second teacher craft of the season done by Princess who is seven and I. We had a great time and although it is really RED and awfully tacky I hope her teacher will like it! lol

Brick with holes in it
Tacky glue
Modeling clay
Miniature decorations
Craft wire

1. Cover the work surface with newspaper to keep the brick from scratching it. Then cut out a piece of felt to fit the bottom of the brick and glue it on.

2. Fill the holes of the brick with balls of clay. Then arrange the decorations any way you like, sticking the bottom of each item to the clay. If necessary, use craft wire to attach a toothpick to certain items and then insert the toothpick into the clay.

I got the idea from the Familyfun website!!