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Sunday, December 2, 2007


The Prompt:
This week's Wrapped Emotion is about lucubration which is the "lucubration \loo-kyoo-BRAY-shun; loo-kuh-\ (noun) - 1. The act of studying by candlelight; nocturnal study; meditation. 2 : That which is composed by night; that which is produced by meditation in retirement; hence (loosely) any literary composition." In this project we are going to focus on the "The act of studying by candlelight; nocturnal study; meditation. That which is composed by night; that which is produced by meditation in retirement." part of it!

"Whether you celebrate Christmas or another religious holiday or no religious holiday at all, you will have to agree that this time of year lends itself to good will, blessings, giving, loving...experiencing miracles small and large...go now and inhale the beauty and gifts of the season. Then one night find your sacred space within your home, light a candle...a hundred candles if you choose...and practice lucubration.Finally, share your experience with us in whatever creative manner inspires your soul. Don't worry. If you truly slow down and inhale deeply, you will be inspired."

My project:
I am really not very creatively inclined, but I have always enjoyed writing in my own way and making neat pictures out of it! So I pulled out my colored pencils and markers, lit a good 8 candles and went on my way to discovery! This week I have just drawn what came to mind at the moment and went with my feelings.
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  1. OOOOO!!! I love it!!! So much energy and fun!

    beingmade from http://digtoesin.wordpress.com

  2. It's a great collection words! I like the idea of being bathed in 8 candles worth of light. That sounds very relaxing.

  3. Wowee!! It's so alive! This idea catches me: Memories, even the bad. Yes. There's no form in the light without shadow.

  4. Lovely! And I agree, it is the simple things that are the best!

  5. 8 candles and a bunch of markers, how fun! It shows that you enjoyed yourself, I love your creation!

  6. I just got the biggest smile coming to your place : ) The Christmas theme and your creative post are the perfect start to my day! I loved just reading through all your words and lovely thoughts you put down on paper by candlelight. Beautiful thoughts!

  7. I'm so behind.

    This instantly brought a smile to my face. I can feel the relaxing process in creating it. Beautiful and creative.