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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The costume!

This week's Tackle it is going to be Aubrey's costume from her play. It was really pretty easy to put together and the teachers made sure to tell us not to spend much on the costumes so here is what I did to make her a Teddy Bear!

The headband before:
and after with the ears:
They were really easy to make! I just wrapped the headband in dark brown felt and hot glued it on. Then I cut out the pieces of felt for the ears and cut a piece of cardboard from a toilet paper roll to fit so that the ears would stand up! Then hot glued the ears to the headband!

The Hood and shower puff tail before:
and after it was all attached:
I simply sewed the shower puff very loosely to the back of the hooded sweater to make the tail!

add a pair of black gloves and here is the finished project!


  1. You did an awesome job.


  2. very cute..and also warm! Great job! Merry Christmas!