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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Tree Treasures

Morning Glory over at Seeds From My Garden is doing her Christmas Tree Treasures again for this holiday season, it sounded like so much fun I had to join in! Last year's Christmas Tree Treasures was all about the ornaments, for this year Morning Glory thought that we could post specific things about our tree instead.

So here are the questions(in bold) and my answers!

* The tree topper. Why do you use the one you have and what's special about it?

We have always used an Angel to go on top of our tree, but she was broken accidentally last year so we had to rethink things this year. We have a Santa decoration that we always put out that has a hole in the bottom so this year he is doubling as a tree topper! lol I am not sure how special he is just another one of the decorations, but he is Santa even if a Woodlands one so he rocks. :)

* The tree skirt. Do you use one? Is there something unusual about yours? Did you make it or was it a special gift from someone?

Yes we use a tree skirt just a basic red and white fuzzy one from Walmart. This is one of the things that I would like too make for Christmas. I am not sure how to go about it though or what to make it with etc etc....... I think tree skirts are so pretty and I am jealous of a few of my friends who have homemade ones! lol

* Your oldest tree ornament. When did you first use it and does it have a special significance?

My oldest ornament is not only one, but two and they came from my childhood. They are my Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog ornaments, I think my mom got them from Avon. I remember hanging them on the tree and telling my little sister "No I wanna hang those two"! They were always my favorite ones growing up and so when I moved out on my own and had my own children mom gave them to me!

* What goes on your tree first? Is there one particular ornament that you traditionally hang first? What's the story behind that.

We do not really have an order to the way we set up. Well as I type that I guess we do. lol We hang the lights first and push them back into the tree so the wire does not show. Then the tree topper this year is Santa, my kids really really want a Star next year! After that goes the ornaments followed by the garland and any last minutes adjustments or additions!

* Your favorite ornament that each of your children made when they were young.

This is my favorite from the boy he made it in Kindergarten! :) It is weird for me to think that he made this so long ago, he is now in the 5th grade. He is growing up so fast!

This my favorite one from Princess she made it in Kindergarten last year! :) I love the way her snowman turned out she is so artistic and loves to do crafts!

This is my favorite one from Spunkmeister she made it in Pre-K last year! :) This is my first Christmas decoration made by her at school and I love the way they used her hand prints to make the tree!
This has been really great to actually sit back and think about and enjoy the tree and the things on it and what they mean too me instead of just putting it up and going on with my life! This was a lot of fun thanks for putting this prompt up on your site Morning Glory! :)

and last but not least our Christmas decorations and tree:


  1. I absolutely love those ornaments made by your children! They are so priceless.

    Thank you so much for jumping in on this today!

  2. Aren't children's handmade ornaments just the best?!! I remember when mine were little and would come home with something they had made in school, I just loved it:-) Love your woodland Santa, it looks good on top of the tree! Merry Christmas!! xo

  3. I'm so glad Morning Glory started this meme, because I am loving seeing everyone's tree toppers! Mine is so boring, you have inspired me to seek out something really cool.

    Merry Christmas.

  4. I think santa is doing a fine job as a tree topper!

  5. I love your santa as your tree topper. Your children's handmade ornaments are priceless. Thank you for sharing your Christmas Treasures with us. Thanks for visiting me and for your sweet comments.

    May your holidays be filled with many blessings,lots of love, family, friends and laughter!