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Monday, December 3, 2007

Give Me Five Monday!

This is my first Give Me Five Monday and this week's topic is one of my favorite's so I am glad to have started participating just in time for this list! I found BeccA's Buzz while looking at some of the blogs I like to visit often and I was excited to come across this fun new blog and a new meme all at the same time! Thanks BeccA! :)
This week's topic for Give Me Five Monday is:
"Give Me Five things you like and/or dislike about Christmas trees (putting them up or fond memories, favorite ornaments or tree toppers, etc.)"

1. I LOVE the smells of Christmas the cold winter air, the baking of cookies, the eggnog and evergreen! Each one of those smells brings back so many memories of my childhood and Christmas's past!

2. Another thing I love about Christmas is all the decorations new and old, the ones made by my children are the very best!

3. I love the Christmas lights that are put up on the houses and the ones that decorate the tree! It is neat to watch them twinkle and it is even better to turn off all the other lights in the house and just sit and watch the tree sparkle! Every year we drive around the neighborhoods to see what people have decorated their houses with this year and to check out all the neat lights! We do not have our lights up on the house yet, but I hope to talk someone into helping me do that this weekend! :)

4. Crowds while Christmas shopping are something that drives me nuts! My anxiety ridden self cannot handle being in large, noisy, pushy crowds. I find that the Christmas holidays are worse than any other time of the year for this at least while shopping. lol

5. The commercialism is something that bugs me about Christmas. I do not like the fact that we all fall right into that trap of buying everything we can to have most of it remain untouched and or re gifted or given to charity. This year I am trying my best to only get each child a certain amount of gifts and to make sure those gifts will actually be played with and not just sit on a shelf!

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  1. Great list and I can relate to all your points. Have a great GM5. :)

  2. Hey Phoenix! Glad you came by and glad you participated! If you like you can send me an email at beccagirl@charter.net and I'll add you to my reminder list for the Give Me Five Monday meme each week!

    I love your post, I really love that you added photos, I think it helps tell the stories better. I'm not a fan of crowds either, I think that was last week's GM5 theme, shopping! Great 1st post for this meme and I hope you participate again!!