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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The letter "O"

Today's Alphabet Soup is brought to you by the Letter O.

Here are some things that begin with the letter "O" that bring me happiness, joy or that bring some much needed humor to my life!

Oxygen: This one is the first one I thought of cause we have to have oxygen to live!!!

Ornaments: Christmas is here so of course this means I am swimming in Christmas decorations and ornaments for the tree! I am excited Christmas is one of my favorite holidays so I am not complaining at all! Here is a picture of my favorite ornaments they came from my childhood!

October: I love the month of October for so many different reasons! Halloween is my all time favorite holiday and we have so many important birthdays in October I could not leave it out!

Orchids: These are my favorite flower! Although I really never see these flowers in person I love them just the same and could not resist adding this to my list!

Optometrist: OMG my glasses broke right before Thanksgiving and things have just not been right since!! I received my new glasses the day before Thanksgiving and boy was I thankful to not have to cook blind or in my super glued glasses!! They seemed to fit fine, but then I realized the right side was much closer to my eye than the left side. So I took them to the doc to have them readjusted which they did no problem. I have now been back 3times since then it has only been about 3weeks. Ok so I am thinking there is no way I will have to have them adjusted every week is there? Jezzzzz I HATE plastic frames and the fact that I could not afford the metal frames!! UGH!