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Thursday, October 4, 2007

My princess

My Princess is sick and I am worried! She came home today from school with a 101 fever, a headache and her tummy hurt. For the last few months she has been going to the bathroom A LOT and drinking tons of water she is always thirsty. I had a parent/teacher conference a few days ago and even her teacher said to me gosh she uses the bathroom a lot and if I cannot find her I know where to look. A few weeks ago we went out and she went to bathroom like 6 times in 2hrs.

So back to today take her in and she has a UTI that is where the doc thinks the fever is coming from cause she is otherwise not sick. This is her first one so I think no problem then he says, but I would like you to take her to the children's hospital tomorrow for a few tests. He goes on further to say that her protein is really pretty high,and her white blood cell count is off enough that he is worried. We have a history of diabetes in the family so he says it could be diabetes or something might be happening with her kidneys or it could be off from the UTI. When I left though he said something that made me nervous he told me to make sure to watch her in case she got unresponsive or acting weird that I should take her immediately to the ER.

So now I sit here trying not to worry and telling myself it is only her UTI, but I cannot seem to shake this really weird feeling that something is not right. I just wanted to ask you all to send her prayers and good vibes to get better soon!