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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

When I Was Pregnant

Gosh I don't know where to start so I guess randomly listing off the facts would be an ok place to start! I have had four pregnancies and three full term babies in my 31yrs. I miscarried twins early on in the pregnancy when I was 22yrs. None of my babies were planned they were all just kind of an ooooops, but of course a good oooops! I was a week late for the Depo shot when we conceived the boy, was on the Depo shot when I got prego with Princess and well Spunkmeister we should have figured she was coming when all we used that night was a sponge! LOL

I cannot think of a single similarity between my pregnancies or my circumstances during the pregnancies. The only constant I can figure across the board is all three were full term babies, but even the deliveries were all different!! The girls were obviously both girls, they share the same dad and they were almost the same birth weight so they share more in common as far as that kind of stuff goes!

The boy!

So let's see my first born I was 19.5yrs old when I found out I was pregnant, 20yrs when I had him.

So here are the statistics during:
  • I lost 10lbs the first trimester, gained 10lbs during the rest of the pregnancy
  • I had morning sickness ALL THE TIME for the first 5months
  • I was a freaked out first time pregnant mom and OMG I was obnoxious
  • We got married when I was 3months pregnant and he went off to boot camp a month later
  • I had bleeding/high blood pressure and was hospitalized for a few days
  • Our dog got hit by a car and killed when I was 6months along
  • I had gestational diabetes and preeclampsia(sp?)
  • I had one of those home monitoring systems I had to use everyday the last month to check my stats and had to call in every evening
  • I was a week overdue when I went into labor
  • He is my only baby that I went into labor naturally with and he is my largest and longest baby

So on to the birth I woke up that morning at around 7AM feeling really sick to my stomach so I went to the bathroom. I ended up going to the bathroom quite a few times and then I ended up throwing up(sorry if TMI)! At that point my stomach began to hurt and I thought OMG I might be in labor so I ran to the phone and called my mom who did not answer!! I was frantic while "Fred" got all my stuff into the car and I made him let me drive I had to feel in control of something! Instead of driving to the hospital we drove the opposite direction further out of town to go to my mom's so that I could let her know to come to the hospital right away! By the time we got to her house I was really feeling the contractions(so I thought) lol so I told her what was going on very fast and headed straight to the hospital which was several miles away now!

It was a pretty normal birth for the most part these are the good parts! lol

  • I went into labor around 7AM and had him at 3:10PM.
  • Labor was not too terribly long a little over 8hrs
  • No drugs I HATE needles(side note had a c-sec w/my last baby gosh I wish I had known how much easier) lol
  • I pushed for 5 out of the 8hrs which was a BITCH excuse me
  • There were like gosh 12 people in the delivery room my parents, my grandma, his mom, my brother and sister, his sister and her daughter, my bff Deb, Missy, Terry, the nurse and doctor lol it was a sideshow
  • He was born 8lbs 9oz; 21 and a half inches long,
  • He was perfect and I was thrilled!!

Well gosh that was a novel! lol If you read this far thanks so much that makes me smile! :) Well I have two other kids and seem to be long winded tonight soooo I will post their stories another time and of course link it back to this one! So check back in a few days!!

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