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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blogging Madness!

Tag, who is it? Me me it's my turn!

I was tagged by a friend a few weeks ago and I finally able to sit down and give this some thought soooo here we go!

1) 5 snacks I enjoy:
Wasabi Peas, Bagels, Cheese & peanut butter crackers, Celery & peanut butter and String cheese.

2) 5 Things I would do if I suddenly had $100 million:
Buy a house, pay off my Mom and dad's houses, buy a new car for my mom and I, make an investment fund for each of the kids and take everyone on a kick ass vacation!!!!

3) 5 favorites websites:
http://seekingdesperately.blogspot.com/ (NOT kid friendly)

4) 5 locations I would like to run away to:
Venice, Italy; Canada; Rome; anyone's Summer house lol and last but not least Hawaii!

5) 5 bad habits I have:
Soda, the internet, movies, vodka and chocolate!

6) 5 things I like doing:
Hiking with my kids, blogging, listening to music, swimming and cross-stitch!

7) 5 TV shows I like:
Big Love, Weeds, Nip Tuck, Numbers and CSI

8) 5 things I hate doing:
Laundry, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning out my car, mowing the lawn and job interviews!

9) 5 favorite holidays:
Halloween, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Christmas and New Years Eve

10) What I was doing ten years ago:
Gosh 10yrs ago I was in Ruidoso, NM and it was almost my 21st birthday! It was getting close to Halloween and it was soooooo cold outside!!! I remember we had lots of snow that year and it was funny to walk around in the snow to go trick or treating. The boy was a red M&M for this his first Halloween he was 5months old.

11) Five years ago:
Hummm five yrs ago we were in Austin and I had just given birth to Spunkmeister a few months earlier. We actually got some frost that year the boy and Mark played around outside sliding on the ice in the parking lot! Princess was learning how to climb out of her crib so we had to get her one of those crib tents! lol Wow that is a funny memory!

12) Two years ago:
Still living here in my hometown at the time I was working for Apple computer doing customer service. Things were not going too badly the kids were doing well in school, I had a new car, making decent money. Halloween was around the corner we were getting ready for all the festivities!

13) Yesterday:
Wow yesterday I took the kids to school, went to class, came home and messed around online and I took a nap!! WOOHOO!! lol Picked the kids up from school, helped with homework, made BBQ sandwiches for dinner, gave baths and put the kids to bed. Then I watched The Family Stone on HBO demand, messed around some more on the internet and went to bed by midnight it was a pretty generic Monday for me! lol

If you have never posted this "Tag" and it looks fun post it! If you do let me know! :)