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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The things we do

Well Princess is still home with a fever it is kinda starting to freak me out a bit. I called the doc we may be going back in later today. So since she is home from school we are decorating the house for Halloween. We just got done tying our glow in the dark witch to the tree in the front yard! lol The tree was kinda big so we had to improvise, but it worked out. I tried not to completely tear down the spider web that is right next to the tree and managed to mess up only a small part of it! YAY!

It seems there is so much to do and no matter how much I catch up on, something takes the place of what I just did! I had to reschedule a job interview I had today so that I could stay home with Princess and while I am not upset about it I was really looking forward to going. I hope that they are ok with me having to reschedule I still have not heard back from them!

I have another interview tomorrow and a parent teacher conference those are always fun! So hopefully P's fever goes down so she can go back to school. On another note we are still looking for the boy a spooky mask that he likes one that is not too terribly scary and he can wear his glasses underneath. He is determined to get just the right one! lol