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Saturday, October 27, 2007

A craft right in time for Halloween!

Bats and Cats Napkin Rings

This craft was designed by Amanda Formaro and reprinted courtesy of Free Kids Crafts! I hope you all enjoy making them!

Don’t throw away that empty paper towel roll! Make these adorable Halloween napkin rings for your holiday dinner or party.

1 cardboard tube
Black acrylic craft paint
1 sheet black felt
Tiny purple pom poms (for bat noses)
Large black pom poms (for cat cheeks)
Purple felt scraps (cat noses)
Medium wiggle eyes
Small pom poms in festive colors (orange, black, purple, green)
Felt scraps in festive colors (orange, purple, white, green)
Black glitter
Felt glittery chenille stems (purple or silver)
White craft glue

Click here for printables

We have included patterns for all the pieces needed, however you can simply cut your own without the patterns if you like.

Begin by cutting the cardboard tube into 2” pieces. Paint each tube section black and set aside to dry. Paint the inside of the tubes and let dry.

Cut out wings for bats from black felt. Glue wings to the back of the cardboard tube(s).

Cut out long pointy ears for bats and triangular ears for cats. Glue ears to the inside of the cardboard tubes.

Glue on wiggle eyes. For bats, glue the eyes so that they are only halfway on the cardboard tube and halfway above it. For cats, glue on eyes below the edge, completely on the cardboard tube.

Cut small triangles from the purple felt and glue on as cat noses. For bats, glue a tiny purple pom pom in place for the nose, just below and in between the eyes.

Cut a glittery chenille stem into 2” long pieces, you will need 6 pieces for each cat. First, glue on two large black pom poms, just below the nose as the cat’s cheeks. Insert chenille pieces, three on each side, under the pom poms. Spread out to look like whiskers. You may need to apply a little pressure and hold for a few minutes to allow these to dry.

To make the bat’s bowtie, cut a piece of colorful felt into a bowtie shape. Cut a piece of black glitter felt into the same shape, just smaller. Glue the black bowtie on top of the color bowtie so that the color shows as a border. Glue a medium pom pom to the center of the bowtie. Set aside to dry. When the bowtie is dry, glue it to the bottom front of the bat, below the eyes.

When your napkin rings are completely dry, roll up a cloth napkin or a few sheets of paper towel and insert into your holder!

One cardboard paper towel tube makes 7-8 napkin rings.