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Friday, October 12, 2007

Neighbors SUCK!!!

Just had to vent about my neighbors dog who has now been barking for HOURS!!!!! I just do not understand if you are going to own a dog why not take care of it. If the gosh darn thing is barking for hours bring it INSIDE!!!! I mean for fucks sake I am so tired of your dog barking at all hours. This is not the first time or the second your damn dog barks all the time, first thing in the morning and all hours of the night. I sooo wanna buy a freaking BB gun so I can shut the damn dog up and trust me I have never felt that way about an animal before I love animals! UGH I HATE YOUR DOG and I don't much like you either for not training it!!

Messed up thing is that this is the same neighbor that was caught chasing my cat out of his yard all mean cause for some reason he thinks she should know not to be in his yard! Oh yea smart cookie this guy is, but he does not seem to think that his dog barking all the time would bother anyone!!!!!

Sorry just had to vent so I will not go over and get all crazy up in his ass! LOL