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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Kids, life and anyone in Houston?

Well well well how I ever got the impression that parenting would get easier the older they got is just CRAZY!!! lol Things have been nuts around my house with back talk and multiple other things to drive mommies crazy I am not sure if any of my kiddos will make it past 10yrs old!! So I have three parent teacher conferences this week, a job interview, walk to school day, another appoint, a bunch of friend's bday's and OMG what a week! Gosh and Halloween is coming and I have to search the garage for the decorations to make the kids happy. You know what though it is worth their smiling face's to get it done!

We went to the Natural History Museum today cause they opened back up and had a bunch of cool stuff going on! They have been closed all summer for fire renovations so we have been dying to be able to go! We had a great time making fossils, digging for fossils, listening to info about the Ice Age Mammals and being able to touch 30thousand yr old fossils!! We are such dorks!!!

I am going to Houston the weekend of my bday and I was curious if any of you guys in Houston would like to hang out while I am in the area!!?!?! If so send me a tell and we will get together!

Here is a pic of the kids in front of the new Sabertooth statue at the museum!(Mine are the three by the head)