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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

P’s bday and other random thoughts!

P's bday has come and gone she is 7yrs old and I cannot figure out where the time has gone. I took cupcakes to her class as she requested and we had bagels for a snack after school. She got to pick dinner and she loved all her presents. She really is such an easy kid and I am blessed to have her and be her mommy!

We had a crazzzzyyyyy weekend although I cannot speak of it as yet. Working out has been well a bitch! I got a membership at the Y and I love it, but gosh I have to say that getting the motivation to go is well hard for me! I have really made a big difference in my lifestyle even with the little I have done, but could do soooooo much more!! I am surprised to find my body adjusting well to the changes except my feet they hurt like FRACKIN hell! I guess I need better shoes although I am really not sure what the deal is, my right foot hurts worse and I think I may be compensating for my left leg and ankle which I broke years ago.

It has been really interesting me trying to fit classes, studying, working out, seeing the kids, helping them with homework and the household chores all in lately I have to say I think I am doing well, but we all have our days! I got some fresh lemon basil from Shawn and Sharon today and I am marinating chicken with it lemon juice, honey, olive oil, pepper and garlic overnight. Tomorrow I am making lemon basil chicken, broccoli/cauliflower with cheese sauce and rice for dinner the kids are so excited! They love getting herbs from Shawn and Sharon's garden!