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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Update on my kitten Max!

Well we found out two things today one is that he is a SHE! LOL She is a tabby and I knew that they are almost always female, but I found an article saying there is a rare male born every now and again! So I thought I had a rare one. LOL

No worries we are still going to call her Max short for Maxine now and not Maxwell!

She has Pneumonia and that is why she is coughing so much! So we have started her on one of the meds, but we have to wait till Friday when we get paid to get the other one. I hope that she is ok until then and the med we have is enough for the next 48hrs!

Oh and the vet said besides the Pneumonia that she is a very healthy young GIRL cat! lol

Plz still send good vibes that she heals well and quickly!!!