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Monday, March 17, 2008

Give Me Five Monday

This week's topic for Give Me Five Monday is:

"Give Me Five favorite green things or your favorite ways to be green or favorite things about St. Patrick's day or mix and match!"

1. Rainbows: I have always really enjoyed rainbows and St Patty's day always makes me think about them . The beautiful colors that make up the rainbow, the possibility of the pot of gold at the end, the smell of the air after a nice rain only to look up and see a gorgeous rainbow all make me smile!

2. Family time: I love to use every holiday as a way to sit down and make a craft together or bake something holiday related or even do some coloring pages! Today we made Irish Soda Bread and did several puzzles/coloring pages!

3. Emeralds: I personally think that Emeralds and Rubies are much prettier than Diamonds, but I have always been one to enjoy a bit of color! :)

4. Veges: I have always loved most vegetables and mainly the green ones! I also seem to like all the veges that most people do not like. Asparagus and Brussel sprouts are two of my favorites and I also LOVE Spinach! lol

5. Key Lime Pie: I LOVE Key Lime pie! It is one of my favorite desserts. My mom used to make it for me for my birthday every year along with some Angel food cake! YUMMY!!

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1 comment:

  1. Rainbows, yes, I love love love them!!!!!!!! That reminds me, I forgot to wear my emerald ring yesterday...shoot.

    I love your picture of asparagus! Makes me want to go buy some tonight. I am a big fan of key lime pie too. although I really like the one I make best. I don't always put the green food coloring in it and it still comes out yummy :)
    Great GM5 post!