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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sad, scared and trying not to worry!

So you see my kitten Max has been acting a bit strange the last two weeks or so. He has a cough that is getting progressively worse with time and his tummy does the strangest movements. Kind of like he is having trouble breathing, but I am honestly not sure. The cough I thought was a hairball type thing cause you know he is a long haired cat sooo that makes sense right? Well than the cough continued on and became a several times a day non progressive(nothing comes up ever) type thing and now I am worried!!

We have had him since Dec and have needed to take him to the vet, but something always seems to come up. So I finished the taxes a week ago and should see the money around the first. I thought awesome we can take him in then and I can get him all fixed up. Than yesterday the cough went from twice a day to at least 5-6 times yesterday and today. He is 5-6months old and I love him to death! I am so attached to him and I am trying not to worry but am having trouble.

He shows no other weird signs at all. His coat is shiny, he is gaining weight, still has appetite, gums pink, wet nose, solid poop. Just the cough, weird stomach movements and sort of a wheezing. So my mom came over tonight to see what she thought and she thinks I need to take him in ASAP. She is loaning me the money to take him in tomorrow! Thank god and Thank you mom!!!

I am wondering if he has asthma or allergies!?

How common is that in cats?

Oh well thanks for letting me vent. I really needed to get this out! If you made it this far I appreciate it.

Please send good vibes for our vet appointment tomorrow!