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Sunday, March 30, 2008

So I knew this would happen sometime, I just never thought so soon!

Let me start this off by saying we got our taxes back yesterday WOOHOO!!! So I took the kids to get shoes today and I actually went to Target THREE separate times. The reason you ask well because if you have ever tried to shoe shop with three kids ten years and under or any age for that matter it is HELL on freaking wheels!!!! LOL

Now the shopping went pretty easily if I do say so myself. Took Princess first and she picked out her shoes in 5mins after trying to two different pair. Spunkmeister on the other hand took literally 30mins of looking and trying on to find a pair of shoes!! That girl is gonna be my shoe whore! lol She had to keep picking out every sparkling pair until I had to say "Today we are just here for tennis shoes" a hundred times.

With the boy we went to the boys section as normal and started trying on shoes. Well we quickly realized that we needed to be in the men's section!! So we go to the men's section and find a really cool pair of size 7 men's shoes! Get home and I realize his shoes look like they would fit me! Now I do not have small feet I wear a size 9 so now I am thinking hummmmm...... I put my shoe up to his and his shoes are bigger than mine! I try them on and sure enough my foot fits right in!!!!


Ok I am done freaking out well maybe.........