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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oh oh a meme!! :)

I was not really tagged, but have not done a meme in forever soooo I "stole" this one from Morning Glory over at Seeds From My Garden! I hope you all enjoy, it was really fun! Feel free to "steal" it from me, but if you do don't forget to link it back to me and this post! lol :)

1. What is your occupation?
Mommy, student, lover, cook, maid, dishwasher etc etc

2. What color are your socks?
They are white and Jordan's I stole them from his drawer! LOL

3. What are you listening to right now?
Well HBO is on in the background I think it is Miami Vice

4. What was the last thing you ate? Wasabi Peas

5. Can you drive a stick shift?
Not really although I guess if it were an emergency I could.

6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Purple cause it is my favorite!

7. Last person you were on the phone with? My mom

8. Do you like the person that sent this to you?
No one sent it, but I like Morning Glory she is very nice!

9. Favorite Drink? Diet Dr Pepper

10. What is your favorite sport to watch? Boxing or Nascar

11. Have you ever dyed your hair? Yes

12.Pets? Yes we have two cats and a snake.

13. Favorite Food? I have to pick just one?!?!
I would so Cheese Enchiladas from Chuy's

14. Last movie you watched? The Wild

15. Favorite day of the year?
Gosh do not really have one. I guess if I had to pick......the first day of school would be a good one! lol

16. What do you do to vent anger? Scream and yell usually

17. What was your favorite toy as a child? My He-man and She-ra toys!

18. What is your favorite? Fall or Spring? Fall

19. Hugs or kisses? Both ;p

20. What kind of pie? Sweet potato

21. Living arrangements? Here in the house with my kiddos.

22. When was the last time you cried? Tonight about Max

23. What is on the floor of your closet? Boxes

24. Who are the three bloggers you are going to tag?
I am going to tag Diandra at Crazy Life of yet another SAHM
Dawnomite at Life and other matters
and Lisa at From Under The Laundry Heap

25. Favorite smell? Vanilla, Lavender

26. What inspires you?
Strength, patience, people with special needs and those that care for them, love......

27. What are you afraid of?
Anything bad happening to one of my kids!!

28. Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburgers?
Homemade I like onion, lettuce, mustard, green Chile and mild cheddar cheese.

Fast food I like onion, lettuce, mustard only.

29. Favorite cat breed? Just the regular ones

30. Number of keys on your key ring? 4

31. How many years at your current job? Almost 11yrs

32. Favorite day of the week?
Definitely not Monday bleh let's see how bout Saturday just cause heheh

33. How many provinces have you lived in?
Uhmmmm none, but I have lived in 3 states!

34. How many countries have you been to?
2 Mexico and USA where I live! ;p