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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Marathon Kids Final Lap

Today was the final lap of Marathon kids and we had a good time despite the cold rainy weather! It was a pretty uneventful morning until we got started getting ready to leave. It always seems to happen that way. I asked 20mins before we left if anyone was going to take their hoodie and of course they said "No". The minute we step towards the door though everyone has decided it is too cold and starts scrambling to find their coats!

We of course could not be out the door in time to save our lives and we still had to stop at the store to put gas in the car and air in the tire. Not to mention we still had yet to drive across town in the wet rainy weather. The traffic was horrible and on a Saturday morning none the less, it took us twice the time it normally would have to get there.

Once we finally got parked and up in the stands it started to rain! lol Not just a little drizzle either it poured on us for about 10mins before it let up and it did I tell you it was 55degrees outside!! I do realize it is colder in lots of other areas of the country, but here in Texas in the rain that is COLD!!! The kids did really well though we stuck it out and did not scramble like the others in a pack mentality to escape the rain lest we melt!

Normally they have us jog 1 mile around the track by sections, but since today it was raining pretty hard on us they only had us jog 2/3 of a mile. We all jogged the entire way, I was really proud of all the kids and myself it was awesome! The best part is we had so much fun we decided to do our regular mile walk once we got home and T-man went with us!

Last but certainly not least here is the slideshow from today!

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