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Thursday, February 12, 2009

3 Word Thursdays :)

Normally we have the Flu shot right at the beginning of the season, that way the boy and now Spunky will be protected since they both have asthma. This year though with Jeremy being in the hospital, the holidays and multiple other things going on, I totally spaced the Flu shots. Serves me right too cause we now have the Flu, all of us with the exception of Jeremy thank goodness! He needs no other issues to contend with right now. This is what it look like to treat a family of five with the Flu!

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  1. I'm curious if the Tamiflu works...I heard it did not work on this years flu strains. So I'd be interested in your result!

    SOOOO sorry you are feeling flu-y. Is it the stomach flu or respiratory? Either, or, they both suck.. ...Feel better soon!

  2. Oh No, I hope you guys get over the flu quickly! ugh...