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Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Morning Meme

Hi all, another week is just beginning and it is time for yet another weekly installment of the Monday Morning MeMe!! Karen asks the questions(in blue) and my answers follow(in black)!

1. How many coats do you own? Do have a good coat? Casual coat?
Two and yes I have a casual and a good coat.

Summer jacket?
No I live in Texas! lol Although I have a light weight sweater I am attached too!

Do you wear coats very often?
No not really although it just depends, the weather here changes on a dime.

Or do you have a tendency to leave your coat at home whenever you go out?
I actually leave it in the trunk during the cold months so that if I need it I have it with me. That way I do not forget!

What is your favorite coat? Why is this one your favorite?
My new purple one! Cause it is purple of course!

Care to model it for us?
LOL! No....

2. You’ve learned a thing or two about this thing we call blogging. Tell us one thing you don’t recommend to other bloggers. Tell us one thing you do recommend to other bloggers.

Gosh I am still relatively new or at least a beginner to this thing called blogging so hummm.... I think the one thing I would NOT recommend you do would be to make your blog hard to follow or understand. Make sure all your important links are easy to find and the layout is easy to follow. The one thing I would recommend to DO is to blog everyday if you can even if it is about trivial life details.

3. Is cursive writing a lost art?
I am going to say no

Should good penmanship be taught?
Not sure

Tell us about your handwriting - good / bad?
My hand writing is not bad, but I worked on it for years. I do find that the less I write and the more I type, the more I struggle to write neatly when I do.

Do you think your children have good handwriting (given their appropriate age, of course).

Yes I think they are doing well for their ages.

4. Have you ever struggled with infertility? If you haven’t, or if it wasn't the hardest thing you’ve ever had to go through — what was?
No I have never had to deal with infertility. I have been thinking about this and I honestly do not think anything I have struggled with comes anywhere close to the struggles of infertility! I have had friends that have struggled with infertility and it has to be one of the hardest things to deal with and accept.

I think one of the hardest things I have had to go through is when I broke my ankle and leg. The boy was gosh almost 5yrs old and Princess was about 7months old when it happened. I had taken my nightly walk with my mom and the kids so when we returned I ran upstairs to take a shower. After the shower mom called to let me know she had gotten my Sunflower seeds(YAY!) so I ran downstairs carrying the baby to retrieve them off the front porch. I stepped down off the step, my ankle twisted and I heard it crack. I do not remember what happened after that exactly until I came too and Princess was laying on the ground in front of me crying.

I tore all the ligaments in my ankle and broke it and my leg in four places. I was off my feet for six months, had two surgeries and dealt with it all as a single mom of two kids under five! Thank god for my mom and grandma!!! I now have a metal plate in my leg that will be there forever.....

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  1. Oh man... OW!! I can't stand hearing about your leg -- and how awful that you were carrying the baby. Owowowow...

  2. I to struggle with my writing as I type more.

  3. Damn that leg accident sound TERRIBLE! And I definately think penmanship should be taught...everytime I read my kids classwork notes.