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Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Marathon Kids opening!

Today was the opening of Marathon Kids here in Austin. It is a wonderful program and we have been participating since the boy was in the 3rd grade so for 4yrs now. The kids all love going to the opening because they receive a cool MK water bottle, a neat MK sticker and the UT athletes are there at the end to sign your shirt or water bottle it is pretty neat. It is also a great way to get the kids into exercise and keeping your body healthy. At the end of the year there is another ceremony and the kids receive Marathon Kids t-shirts and a medal for completing the year!

I was so proud of little Spunkmeister she ran the whole mile while I lagged behind her jogging halfway and walking the rest! lol Princess and the boy also ran almost the whole way, I was very proud of all of them. It was so cool we saw one of Princesses BFF's Jasmine while we there and they got to run together! Oh and Lance Armstrong was there with his kids cause they go to AISD and are also in the program. He talked to all the kids about staying healthy etc it was pretty neat. I wish I had gotten a picture of him.

A little bit about the program:
Throughout the year children in the grades K-5th are expected to run, walk, jog 26.2 miles. They can do these laps at school during Gym class or at home with their parents. They even have a program through the YMCA for children that live in not so great neighborhoods to be able to run there safely. The first mile of the year is run at the Marathon Kids opening ceremony and the final lap is run at the Marathon Kids closing ceremony.

Here is the link to the program in case you are interested in seeing if it is your area. You can also request that they bring to your area.

Last but not least my slide show from this morning!