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Thursday, October 2, 2008

The last 48hrs *my rant*

So the last 24-48hrs of my life have been well a bit bonkers.

Spunkmeister came home on Tuesday with what we thought was a bug bite on her right hand near her thumb. The area was red, swollen and sort of warm to the touch. She was bitten/stung no more than a few hours previous and always has a bigger reaction than most to any type of bug bite. So I thought we will put some baking soda/water paste on it to draw out any poison followed by some Balsam and see what it looks like in the morning.

Than yesterday morning it honestly looked better so I thought ok a bit more Balsam and some Benadryl, off to school with you. At around 9:30 I get a call from the school they just wanted to make sure I was aware of her hand. I explained the situation and let them know to call me if it was starting to hurt her at this point it was only itchy. I decided to go on my walk around 12:30 yesterday afternoon instead of last night because I had a feeling I would not be able to go late like I normally do. I was SO right about that and I am glad I got the walk done early. When I got back from my walk I had a message on the machine from the school that I needed to come get Spunkmeister her hand was really swollen and she was in pain. I was a bit irritated to tell you the truth because I mean it is a bug bite right?

Well when I got to the school I realized it was a lot worse than I had thought. Her hand was really puffy, red and hot. It looked like this:

I took her straight into the doctor, she drew a line around the puffy area and told me that if it swelled past the line or the fever went up her arm to take her straight to the ER. She prescribed an antibiotic to help with infection cause it was looking that way and a steroid to stop the allergic reaction. Off to the pharmacy we get the antibiotic, but low and behold they do not carry that steroid. I asked several times if they had it at a different location they called around and no, I asked if there was an equivalent that they could give her again no. They say to call my doctor of course by now it is after hours. Talk to the doctor and she advises to take her to the ER cause the fever/swelling is spreading up the arm and she needs the steroid to stop the reaction.

We spend 5HRS in the ER waiting room and 1.5 in a private room to have them do NOTHING! I explained why we were there and asked for them to give her the steroid for the reaction, did she get one nope. They tell me keep giving her the antibiotic and if you see red streaks up her arm bring her back in. Then at discharge they tell me to keep giving her both the steroid and the antibiotics. I thought WTF I again say she never got a steroid the pharmacy did not have it I told you all this when we came in!!

OMG so we get home after midnight both of us are tired and cranky she ate the Happy meal grandma sent, had her meds and went to bed. I was of course wired and up till 2am and then back up this morning at 6:30 to start a new day. Spunky slept late I took Princess to school and Jeremy to work. Then off to the doc with Spunky again this morning.

The doc says she has Cellulitis an infection of the skin and hand tissues. Weird thing is she has no cut or bites in her skin and we still do not know if something bit/stung her or what. Regardless she had a pretty decent allergic reaction. She is fine now still a slight fever in her hand and arm, she is on antibiotics, we have another line drawn around the infected part and we are to keep an eye on it. Oh and now since she is so prone to allergic reactions to bug bites etc I am supposed to give her Zyrtec every time I see a bug bite on her to help prevent this type of thing from happening again.

**My rant**
Did I mention that all of this happened after I took my walk at 1:00pm? I did not get a chance to shower, had to drag Princess with me to Spunky's appointment cause I cannot be two places at once to pick her up from school, had no time to make dinner between getting home and leaving for the ER after the appointment, grocery store and pharmacy stop on the way home, so the kids had cereal for dinner and thank god for my mother being able to pick Jeremy up from work and watch the older two so I did not have to take them to the ER also!!!! I swear it feels like 12hrs of my day yesterday got swallowed up by a big black hole! Oh and I missed my shows!! :( Ok I am done whining! lol