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Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Morning Meme

1.If your children are going trick-or-treating this year, what costumes are they wearing? Do you take them door-to-door or do you take them to a sponsored event? Tell us about the last time you dressed up for Halloween. How do you feel about Halloween in general?

The girls are going as Princesses this year we have tons of dress up clothes and that is what they decided to be. They do want me to get them each a new crown and wand to have for their costumes though! The boy wants a new scary mask and sword or whatever to go with his big black hooded cloak. I guess he will be a scary thing again this year! lol I do not usually dress up although I did last year I was the witch from Sleeping Beauty!

We usually head to the church right down the road first, they have an awesome carnival type set up with a hay ride etc. They have free food and drinks and will take a picture of your family if you would like for free. It is really an awesome and fun time. Then we usually hit up a few houses with some friends from the kids school and come home to eat candy. I also ration the candy out and it all goes in the same big tub for me to hand out. We end up throwing quite a bit of it away with all the damn holidays filled with candy!

I LOVE Halloween!!! We decorate the inside of the house with things the kids have made at school and that spider web stuff. We have a cool sign that goes on the front door, one of those blow up ghost things for outside and a couple of creepy headstones that make noise when someone walks by near the front door. lol Oh and of course we carve a few pumpkins and make baked pumpkin seeds.

2. Do your friends and family read your blog? How does this knowledge affect your writing? Do you feel like you can totally be yourself on your blog? Where do you draw the line when it comes to disclosing too much about your life on your blog?

Yes some of my friends and family members read my blog. I definitely feel I can totally be myself on my blog and in my writing. I actually have two blogs with totally different purposes so I do censor myself more on this one than the other for sure. This blog is for my life as mommy and all things kiddos etc. The other is for my venting and just plain bitching about life. I do not use the kids real names, but other than that pretty much anything is up for grabs!

3. Are you an early bird or a night owl? What do you like to do in the early morning hours or late at night? How do your sleeping patterns affect the rest of your family?

I am definitely a night owl!! I have always been a night owl, but now it has more to do with the fact that I want and need some time to myself after the kids go to bed. So I end up staying up late and just messing around on the computer or watching TV. My sleep patterns affect Jeremy more than anyone else. He is a morning person, so he most always gets up with the kids and takes them to school. While I usually sleep until 9AM or so.

4. Do you lie about your age? Why or why not?

No I do not lie about my age. I think it is silly to be quite honest to lie about ones age. I am personally proud about where I am in my life and that I have made it this far! lol So I embrace my grey hair and all that goes with it!

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