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Thursday, October 9, 2008

3 Word Thursdays #2

Our oldest cat is so worthless and she LOVES her daddy!! lol
meme rules:
*photo must have 3 words in it
*post your photo on your site with a link
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  1. Thanks for joining in this weeks 3 Word Thursdays!

    Your cat looks really big (unless it's the camera angle?) I'm curious how the cat gets along with the mouse! lol.

  2. Great shot! I have a black & white kitty too, perhaps my photo next week will include him. :)

    ~Sheila of My Memories

  3. Very sweet cat..I have my cat too orange is the name..and he is sweet as your cat..

  4. I LOVE cats...trying to talk my husband into getting one...It's been a LONG talk - LOL!