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Saturday, December 13, 2008

PhotoHunt: Favorite

This week's theme for Photohunt is "Favorite". Since things have been so crazy at the house here lately, I am going to focus on one of my favorite things to do when I actually have time to sit down and do what I wanna! lol

I have really enjoyed playing World of Warcraft over the past few years. It can definitely be an addictive game at times, but I find it nice to be able to escape into an alternate reality and away from all the troubles of real life on occasion! So I whipped out all three WOW boxes and took a picture! lol
For more photos and this week's PhotoHunt check out: tnchick.com


  1. I've heard of the game but not being a videogamer at all, have never played it!

  2. heard and seen and knew people who love this game. nice photo!

  3. Ok! I have to admit.. I was addicted to this too at one time... haha :P


  4. my computer couldn't support the specifications needed to play this game.. but at least i did play Warcraft 3 Frozen throne... :D

  5. I used to love games like this, but I think I lost the patience needed to play them. I would rather tinker with my blog theme. :0) Or post photographs like this one for PhotoHunt.

  6. I've never played this. I really liked Lords of the Realm II, that was eons ago!

    Happy Photo Hunters! I did mine, too.


    I hope you have a spare moment to see, and leave your link.

  7. i've seen and heard of this game and i can understand if this is addicting:)