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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our Thankful Tree!

Here is this year's Thankful Tree! We had a blast making it like we do every year and it turned out pretty well. Last year we started adding little touches to the whole picture so we went ahead and did that again this year. The kids really enjoyed creating their own personal touches to add to the Thankful Tree!

Princess drew Spongebob hugging the tree while sleeping and wearing a pilgrim hat, Spunky added the "birds" (The one on the left is carrying a burnt sausage. She loves her dad's Bratwurst, he grills it until it is burnt in some areas so this is her idea of this.... lol), T-Man drew the fire breathing dragon and Patrick with the magic wand/witch hat while Cameron drew the mutant lizard wearing a pilgrim hat!
Poster board
Colored pencils
Construction paper

Each person traces their hand multiple times on construction paper. Of course all in Fall colors and then we cut out all the hands (we usually do 4 hands per person in each color). After all the hands are cut out then we write something we are thankful for on each of our hands. Then draw a tree trunk and branches if you would like on a piece of poster board and decorate how you like. Then just glue all the hands to cover the tree as if they were leaves.

I like to make a few look like they are falling from the tree since it is the Fall! There you go you have a Thankful Tree made out of all the things you and your family are thankful for this holiday season!

Here is the link back to last year's tree! :)