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Saturday, June 27, 2009

SOOC ~ Straight out of the Camera

I had to post this picture of my oldest two reading together it was just to sweet to pass up. Please excuse my messy living room it exploded, I had the hardest time fighting the urge to crop out at least some of the mess!! lol
~~~ Please join Melody at Slurping Life for SOOC ~~~
Photos straight out of the camera with no editing, cropping or photo shopping of any kind!


  1. When you see moments like this no mess in the world matters! I also find that as long as the kids are getting along I never mind the mess but the minute they start to get on each others nerves the mess get on mine. ;)

  2. so sweet .. they really are absorbed in their books arent they

  3. Great shot!! Don't you love it when siblings get along :-)

    Reading was always my favorite thing to do during summer break (still is!).

    And your living room looks fine...like I always say about mine "well loved and lived in" :-)