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Friday, June 26, 2009

Nerves, flights and gosh Mom I will be ok!

Cameron leaves tomorrow evening to go visit his dad for the summer. I am well, as usual not happy about it. He will not be there as long this summer, as he normally is due to his eye surgery in August and the fact that I was late getting him a flight out this year (money is tight right now) as it is for so many others.

Not to mention that this year he is classified as an "adult"! Will someone please tell me how a 12yr old child can be classified as an adult? I would really appreciate it because at this point I am so nervous about him having to find the gate and make sure he gets on the right plane on time that it is really freaking me out. I hate to say I do not have enough confidence in my child, but he has and we all have our moments kwim?

He does not have a cell phone because I am of the opinion that at 12yrs old why in the world would he need a phone, but right now I am rethinking that........ I know he will be ok and it will all work out, but right now I am having my "mommy moment!" Please keep him in your thoughts! :)