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Friday, April 24, 2009

Marathon Love

Several months ago while Jeremy was in the hospital and I was watching the Discovery Health channel (one of my favorites BTW), I came across this awesome show called Marathon Love. It was so inspirational to hear about this story of love that continued on through such a horrible accident. With all that we were going through at the time the story really hit close to home for me.

After watching the show the first time back in December, I had to blog about it because it was just such a touching story. Jamie Parks actually read my blog and left me a comment, I thought that was the coolest thing ever! Long story short we are now friends on Facebook and yesterday I saw on his status that Marathon Love is finally available for purchase on DVD!!

So if you would like to purchase a copy of Marathon Love on DVD please visit Lynjame.com, $5.00 of each sale will be going to the Midwest Brain Injury Clubhouse.


  1. That is very touching. One of my fav channels also. Did you ever see the one with the father who ran with his son? (I believe his son used to be the runner before an accident. )OMG. Tissues, tissues!

  2. Hey Leanne. Thanks for the plug. The check's in the mail:)