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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Update on Princess

These are the beautiful flowers Princess got from her bestest friend the day she broke her wrists. It was so sweet and made me remember how thoughtful kids can be when something like this happens. Not only did she bring her flowers she got her a cute Teddy bear, HSM fruit snacks and chocolate milk!! What an awesome best friend!!

Tomorrow it will be a week since she broke her wrists and she is feeling SO much better I cannot even begin to tell you. Her pain is now almost none and the only time she really needs any Tylenol is after school. Speaking of school she started back Monday after she had her blood drawn, so that we can find out if she has a Vitamin D deficiency since this is not the first time she has broken her wrists or if it is just a case of bad luck.
Showing me how much better she feels!
I was a bit nervous about her going back to school, but very glad that since getting her casts Friday, she is able to use the bathroom and feed herself without any help. The only issue now is figuring out how she will carry her tray to the table for lunch because her teacher is too "busy" to carry it for her and I cannot be at the school everyday at lunch for the next month. So off to talk to the office about that tomorrow.

You would think one of the adults in the lunchroom would just offer to carry it for her right?


  1. Good luck with the talk with school officials.

  2. Holy crap! I musta missed a day somewhere here! I have to go back and check! Poor girl! How aweful! Please send her some get well wished from OH!