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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh the Wonders of Casts!

Friday we went to the doctor for Princesses wrists to see what our plan of action would be or so I thought. Back in 06' when she broke her wrists the first time she had to have surgery on the left one so that they could set it because it was so out of place. Since they had to do that she was in her splints for two weeks, so I was not sure what to expect this time.

We had a really hard time finding a doctor to see her since the ER doctor did not refer us to a doctor that accepted our insurance. So Thursday (the day after the injury) I spent about 3hrs on the telephone and called I think 15 different doctor's offices trying to get someone to see her by Friday. All I got from most of them was "Were you referred to us?", "If we were not on call that day we will not be able to see her.", "What hospital did you go to?", "I suggest you go back to the ER and have them refer you to someone who takes your insurance!".

I was really starting to get pissy when I finally came across a receptionist who was willing to talk to the doctor to see if he would make an exception. Which he did thank god and turns out it was the same doctor she saw the first time she broke her wrists! What a odd coincidence it was too cool. He looked her and the xrays over let us know it was not anywhere near as serious as last time and that we could come back in four weeks to have the casts taken off. He suggested we have her tested for Vitamin D deficiency since this is not the first break and so we had that blood test done Monday (still waiting on results).

Now you see I did not bring the camera to the appointment against my better judgment and so I was not able to get any pictures of them putting her casts on. What that means you see is as soon as we got home I had to take lots o' pictures. lol

Here are my favorites!

Eating her hash browns and giving me her best "MOM!" look!