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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dreams Can Be Scary

Lately Spunky has been having a lot of bad dreams and every morning she spends at least 10 minutes telling me about them. I find if we let her talk it out she has an easier time letting go of the fear. Today after being stuck in the house for days, due to rain (which never happens in June in Texas) we decided to break out all the craft stuff. 

While trying to think of something to make, Princess looked over at Spunky and said "I know how to make a dream catcher! Let's make one so it will help keep your bad dreams away!" It was so sweet and Spunky was very excited! It was really neat for me as well, to see them get along and try to help each other. Lately it seems like these moments are few and far between!
Spunky's Dream Catcher!
She loves it!
Princesses Dream Catcher!
Very proud of her design!