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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Collage Post

Tonight I was going through our photos trying to come up with a cute collage of the kids throughout the  years. Only to find out that it seems we started our family in 2008... This is the year that things seem to have fallen into place or shall I say the year I decided to document our gorgeous creatures in all their glory! I tend to sit back and freak out a bit over the fact that I do not have the four them all together before then... 

I mean what kind of mother am I too not have photographed them all together since the beginning! This must mean I fail at motherhood right!? Of course not, it just means that at some point I decided this was important to me and I wanted to make it a point to get it done! If nothing else decide what is most important to you and then do it! No excuses! Make it happen!

PS This is an old post back from 2013, that I never published. Not sure why, but enjoy!