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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

10 Things I Hate about City Driving or Just Plain Driving in General!

The motivation for this post is the outrageous amount of times this last week that I have almost been involved in an accident because of somebody not paying attention or just plain being stupid! Please read this list with some humor because I am not trying to say I am not guilty of some of these things, just that they drive me crazy! lol

I hope you enjoy! ;)

1. Drivers who drive all the way up in the right-hand turn ONLY lane just to try to merge to the left so they can get in front of all the other traffic! I have this issue a lot as I drive through a major intersection every morning and afternoon at 5o'clock traffic! Man, it is seriously driving me bananas!!

2. Drivers in huge trucks with tons of clearance that turn into parking lots at 1 mph!

3. Drivers who do not use their turn signals!

4. People who do not know how to use on-ramps and access roads properly!

5. People who talk on their cell phones while driving!

6. Kids who are not properly buckled into safety seats or who are not wearing seat belts at all!

7. Drivers who left lane hog!

8. Really old people! Now this does not mean all old people, just the ones who obviously should not be driving anymore or old people who should not be driving and are on the cell phone! Like the lady who almost killed the kids and I on Wednesday!!

9. Drivers who are just plain inconsiderate!

10. Women who put on makeup while driving! Seriously why would you want to put yourself at risk for poking your eye out?!

So What drives you crazy while driving?