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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Leaving for the summer!

Tomorrow the boy has to go to his dad's for the summer. This is the longest he will be gone from our family I am really torn about the whole thing. He is now 10yrs old and should be fine spending most of the summer with his dad, but alas I the mom am not OK!!! :( He will be flying there and that is no issue he has been on a plane multiple times, but I did not see this as a future for my child when I had him! Nor did I see the future that has become my own.

We spent the day hanging out at the Botanical Gardens and eating ice cream from Baskin Robbins! :) Trying to spend the last day of our summer with the boy nicely before he leaves tomorrow. We had a great time getting all hot and sweaty checking out butterflies, flowers and hiking all around. Of course the kids LOVED the ice cream before hitting grandma's house to say goodbye! Turns out grandma has shaved her head LOL, but that is a totally different blog altogether!!!

The kids are all in bed and I am finishing the packing. I am sure all will go well tomorrow, but the mom in me always worries! Well wish us luck and until the next time!! :)