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Monday, February 18, 2013

"Frito Salad"

1 tsp Cumin
1 cup Beef Broth
1 medium Onion
2 shredded Zucchini  
1/4 cup Chili Powder
15 oz can of Kidney Beans
28 oz can of Diced Tomatoes
Garlic powder, Salt and Pepper to taste.
1.5 lbs Ground beef or Turkey which ever you like best.

Brown the ground beef and onions together until meat is cooked all the way through. While the meat is cooking add the chili powder, cumin, salt, pepper and garlic powder. Once the meat and onion mixture is done, mix in the broth, shredded zucchini and diced tomatoes. Cook for about 20 minutes on medium heat.

Mash up 1 cup of the beans and add to the mixture along with the rest of the can. Cook for about 10 more minutes until it is heated all the way through. Cut up your lettuce and tomato for use as garnish.

We layered all these ingredients together kind of like a Frito pie/Taco salad type of dish! I loved this dish because my whole family enjoyed it and I was able to sneak in some Zucchini with out anyone noticing! We doubled this recipe since we have a teenage boy and wanted to have some leftovers. The original recipe as is should feed a family of five for one dinner.